My work has appeared in National Geographic News, Sierra, Backpacker online, The Guardian, Pacific Standard, High Country News, Mongabay and more. Below is a collection of some of my latest stories. You can find more on my Contently page.

I also have experience writing public relations, marketing and interpretive copy. Please contact me for samples or more information.


National Geographic NewsEndangered hawksbill turtle shell trade is much bigger than scientists ever suspected

Sierra magazine – How to Prioritize Inclusivity at a Nature Center?

AlibiFarmer Spotlight: Four Moons Farm

National Geographic News – These animals are nature’s clingiest lovers

Mongabay – Cellphones are still endangering gorillas, but recycling old ones can help

Alibi – Chocolate Cartel Keeps it Local

AlibiMeet Burque’s Canine Cookie Experts


MongabayCan Social Media Save Great Apes?

MongabayApe Sanctuaries in the DRC Brace Themselves as Ebola Hits the Country

National Geographic News – Seashell Souvenirs Are Killing Protected Marine Life

Local Flavor magazineA Farmer’s Dream

National Geographic News – Why Snakes Have Two Penises and Alligators Are Always Erect


Mongabay“Trump family planning policy may up population, hurt women, environment” (also appearing in Pacific Standard)

Sierra magazine – “Saving Elephants, One Cup of Tea at a Time”

Rodale’s Organic Life“5 Simple Ways To Reduce Your Dog’s Carbon Paw Print”

Mongabay“Women could be a key to great ape conservation in the Congo” (also appearing in The Guardian)

National Geographic News“Illegal Wildlife Trade Booming Across U.S.-Mexico Border”

Backpacker magazine – “Protect Your Dog From These 5 Dangers on the Trail”

High Country News – “Go ahead, wander your way” (opinion)


National Geographic News – “How Pet Dogs Are Helping Out Their Endangered Kin in the Wild”

Association of Zoos and Aquariums Connect magazine –  “On the Brink: Conserving a Critically Endangered Crocodile May Also Recover a War-torn Zoo”

Personal Essays

Queen of the Black Widows

Falling for La Luz