My work has appeared in National Geographic News, Sierra, Backpacker online, The Guardian, Pacific Standard, High Country News, Mongabay and more. Below is a collection of some of my latest stories. You can find more on my Contently page.


National Geographic News – Seashell Souvenirs Are Killing Protected Marine Life

Local Flavor magazineA Farmer’s Dream

National Geographic News – Why Snakes Have Two Penises and Alligators Are Always Erect


Mongabay“Trump family planning policy may up population, hurt women, environment” (also appearing in Pacific Standard)

Sierra magazine – “Saving Elephants, One Cup of Tea at a Time”

Rodale’s Organic Life“5 Simple Ways To Reduce Your Dog’s Carbon Paw Print”

Mongabay“Women could be a key to great ape conservation in the Congo” (also appearing in The Guardian)

National Geographic News“Illegal Wildlife Trade Booming Across U.S.-Mexico Border”

Backpacker magazine – “Protect Your Dog From These 5 Dangers on the Trail”

High Country News – “Go ahead, wander your way” (opinion)


National Geographic News – “How Pet Dogs Are Helping Out Their Endangered Kin in the Wild”

Association of Zoo’s and Aquariums’ Connect magazine –  “On the Brink: Conserving a Critically Endangered Crocodile May Also Recover a War-torn Zoo”

Personal Essays

Queen of the Black Widows

Falling for La Luz